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Strawberry Rotizza

For today’s tiffin recipe we have an exciting new preparation called Strawberry Rotizza made with Kissan Strawberry Blast Jam. Toasted rotis are wrapped around a delicious serving of fruit infused with the berry burst of Kissan Strawberry Blast Jam. Get them ready for a delectable strawberry punch in every bite.  

Prep Time

  10 mins

Cook Time

10 min



  1. Rotis: 2
  2. Kissan Strawberry Blast Jam: 100 grams
  3. Vanilla essence: 1 teaspoon
  4. Cream cheese softened: 25 grams
  5. Oil: 2 tablespoons
  6. Fresh chopped fruits (any fruit of your choice): 1 cup

Method of Preparation

  1. In a pan heat oil, add a roti and toast on both sides until crisp.
  2. Meanwhile, whisk the cream cheese and vanilla essence together.
  3. Place the toasted roti on the chopping board and toast the other roti.
  4. Spread the cream cheese on the toasted roti.
  5. In a bowl add Kissan Strawberry Blast Jam and whip it until it liquifies.
  6. Spread the Kissan Strawberry Blast Jam over the cream cheese roti
  7. Now add the fresh fruits to the same roti.
  8. Cover the fruits with the second toasted roti.
  9. Slice the rotizza using a cutter and place in the tiffin box.
  10. Tiffin Siders:
  11. Grapes (or any fruit of your choice) and peanuts.

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